Creative design studio specialising in architecture, product and environments.


 How do I get a quote? 

We offer a free one hour complimentary consultation to all prospective clients to discuss their project. Please call or email the office to provide initial details and to arrange this meeting. Following the meeting we will provide an initial estimate, followed by a detailed cost breakdown and project strategy.

How do you calculate your fees? What does this cover?

Our fees are based on day-rates, and an estimation of the resources required to run a typical project. We use time-tracking software that allows us to accurately record and thus project how long projects are likely to take.

Am I going to be hit with hidden costs?

For every project we provide a detailed scope and breakdown of exactly what work is and isn’t included in our price estimate so there is no ambiguity about what you are paying for, and no nasty surprises later down the line. If extra work is required outside the original agreed scope, we will flag this and wait for your approval before commencing any work. 

What can I expect in terms of meetings and contact time?

We are always available to take calls and emails to discuss any aspect of the project. For intensive work stages, we recommend one meeting per fortnight, but can agree a different allocation before signing terms depending on your specific project needs. 

Who will I be working with?

We are a multidisciplinary team of Architects, Technicians, Product and Graphic Designers. No unpaid interns. 

Your costs are higher than I’ve budgeted for.

Do you offer discounts?

Our fees are carefully calculated to allow us to run each job to our high standards, so we aren’t able to discount. However, we can offer free studio design time in return for referrals. For further details of the referral scheme please contact the office. 

I’m under time-pressure. How long does the design process take?

Every project is different. We will sketch out a project timeline during our initial complimentary consultation for you to understand the different steps of the process, and what will happen when. 

How much should I set aside as a build budget? 

In order to give you an initial cost estimation we will need an understanding of project particulars such as size, scope, time frames, location, and build quality. We will discuss this during our initial complimentary consultation so you have a clear understanding of how to budget from the project outset. As you’d expect, the more information you can bring us the more accurately we will be able to forecast. 

Are there any other project fees?

Who else will need to be involved?

After our initial meeting we will send you through a project strategy document, including details of any third party consultants, statutory fees etc that will be required. This will include information on Planning Permission, Building Regulations and CDM compliance. 

Are you able to recommend good contractors?

Yes, we have strong relationships with skilled fabricators to suit every project scale and budget. We will put forward a shortlist based on your project requirements early in the process, but the final appointment will be directly with you. 

Can you assist with fundraising?

Yes, we can produce a range of content, such as visualisations, feasibility studies, promo videos, and sales documents, to give your idea the best chance of appealing to investors. 

What should I have ready?

The more information you can provide at the outset the better. A short brief outlining your aims and expectations, any reference images or drawings you have, and an open mind is a great start.