The Cheese Bar


Our brief was to design a refined but unfussy identity in keeping with the Cheese Truck's mission: Simple and traditional cooking that allows the superior quality of 30 hand-selected, small-batch British Cheeses to take centre stage. From the large fridge wall, which divides off the kitchen while showcasing craft beers, home-made pickles, and cheese truckles, to the huge backlit menu board, every decision was about putting the produce first. 

All the seating is communal and at bar height to create a lively atmosphere. With no food prep in the restaurant, the theatre of sitting at the bar comes from a widescreen panorama of your fellow diners: sandwiched between the robust, marble counters, and the dramatic over-bar lights; huddled together; laughing and chatting over a blaring disco soundtrack.

Services: Interior Design, Graphic Design


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