We are a London-based design practice specialising in projects of social value across architecture, product and environment.

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Kennedy Woods is a diverse team of collaborators and problem-solvers who bring energy, insight, and vision to drive forward our clients' projects through strategic thinking and user-centred design. There is no house style, only an obsession with refining and improving processes to get better results. The practice was established by architect Chris Kennedy and product designer Tom Woods to bring a fresh and hybrid approach to projects in their two fields. 


Tom and Chris's friendship goes back nearly 30 years to an opportune meeting over a pack of crayons. As a collaborative duo, Tom brings energy, insight, and creative flair to projects, and Chris, strategic-thinking and attention to detail (characteristics all too apparent in the tea-towel portraits they drew for their mums all those years ago).

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Chris is a chartered Architect and an accomplished graduate of Cambridge University and the Royal College of Art, who has received distinctions for his work at undergraduate, postgraduate and RIBA Part 3 level. He has a wealth of job-running experience on both domestic and commercial projects in a Contract Administrator role. His work is characterised by rigorous iterative investigation, alongside a passion for innovative use of materials that was honed during two years working in Japan.


Tom is an experienced product designer who graduated from Central St Martins before going on to work across a broad range of disciplines and scales: from mass-manufactured goods, distributed in over 40 countries to bespoke hand-crafted furniture. A strong intuitive grasp of how people interact with objects and spaces, together with an aesthetic sensibility towards the elegant and utilitarian, is evident in his approach to object, packaging and graphic design alike. 


We believe a strong culture is the key to achieving fulfilment, producing great work and building lasting relationships. Our culture is based upon the following values, which are at the heart of everything we do.




Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

Communicate simply and clearly.

Be open, inclusive, and approachable.



Produce work of social value that solves real problems.

Be optimistic, and inspire others to be courageous.

Rigorously question assumptions throughout the design process.



Always strive to be ambitious, innovative and explorative.

 Bring engagement, energy and intensity.

Focus relentlessly until the task is complete.


We are always on the look out for talented and ambitious designers to join our growing team.

Are you a confident, driven, optimistic designer who sees the ability to work together with other people as the key to successful projects?

A free-thinker who takes initiative, enjoys autonomy within the framework of a brief, and can develop a line of conceptual thinking?

An inventive communicator who can adapt their style to suit different audiences (most importantly, non-architects) being inventive with the tools and media you use to make communication engaging and inspiring?

A problem-solver, who disregards style to find suitable responses grounded in the real context, challenges, or tensions you discover in a brief, while retaining a strong aesthetic sense and appreciation of clarity, simplicity, and innovation in design?

If so please email with the subject line “Job Application” and include a CV, portfolio of recent work. Instead of adapting a generic cover letter, please provide four 140 character responses to the following questions:

  • Who are you? What is your story?

  • What’s your favourite aspect of your current job and why?

  • What interests you most in the world? (Except Design / Architecture!)

  • What changes would you make to Architectural education and why?

Please note, applicants volunteering to work unpaid will have their applications discarded immediately without consideration.